Persistent ID Linkage

Accurately identify individual customers across your database.

Truvue® is incorporated into a company's database to ensure persistent identification. Truvue is ideal for businesses that maintain a marketing database or data warehouse with various data sources and have suffered from lengthy cycle times. Experian's data integration management services include data linkage update options, with updates sent to Experian® either in real time or near real time. They also include data linkage maintenance for identities, addresses and households that have changed. This linkage technology solves the two main problems of CDI — accuracy of customer identification and speed of processing.

Accuracy of Customer Identification

Truvue linkage technology uses an advanced search and match algorithm to accurately identify individual customers so that you can better serve their needs and build customer loyalty. With links to thousands of contributors of reliable and verifiable data, information is updated continually. Experian's vast name and address history, along with continual updates, provides an unmatched ability to accurately identify and link comprehensive consumer data.

Speed of Processing

Through our extensive history in very large database management, Experian has implemented revolutionary approaches to data management, utilizing CDI technology to dramatically reduce cycle time and enhance data freshness. This unique approach to data management is the key to your data warehouse's ability to support your Customer Relationship Management needs. Many database systems struggle to load data to the database for access by marketing automation, real-time decisioning and other CRM applications. Large volumes and vast resources of data challenge most systems, resulting in long cycle times and system availability issues.

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