Consumer and Competitive Insight

Gain a deeper understanding of consumer opinions, attitudes and behaviors.

With syndicated and custom research from Experian SimmonsSM, online behavioral reporting from Experian Hitwise® and store traffic counting from Experian FootFall, we offer valuable insight on millions of consumers, their behaviors, brand preferences, media usage habits, and more. This insight enables smarter marketing, brand and advertising strategies and to maximize lead generation.

Online Competitive Intelligence

Improve your online marketing strategy through a clear view of what's driving traffic to your competitors' sites. Hitwise® provides access to daily online usage giving you the ability to see how 10 million US Internet users interact with over 1 million Web sites across more than 160 industries. Power your online marketing with insights that give you the competitive advantage.

Market Intelligence Report

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Store Traffic Counting

Improve store performance with Experian FootFall. Increasing store sales and profitability requires understanding the impact marketing and operations has on store traffic, conversion rates and customer behavior. Experian FootFall provides the data and analytics to gain accurate insight into traffic flow to better balance store staffing demands, understand market potential and optimize the number of consumers who pass through your doors.

Syndicated and Custom Research

Make better media buying decisions by using the Simmons National Consumer Study to make your data smarter. With over 60,000 data variables across 25,000 American households, our multimedia and brand survey provides the in-depth information and analysis that improves your ability to make the best marketing investments.

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