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Consulting Services

Improve your marketing sophistication...we can help

Sometimes you just need a little help. Performance-driven marketers are impatient, innovative and most of all, data-driven. So, if you need to setout a new customer-centric strategy, know where you want to go but need help mapping the path, or you simply want to improve the performance of your current programs, we can help.

Experian Marketing Services’ consultants are a dedicated group of marketing strategists, statisticians and data scientists who are passionate about helping marketers effectively leverage data and consumer insight to achieve breakthrough performance and realize better marketing ROI. Drawing from 35 years of direct and digital marketing experience, we take data and create marketing intelligence that enables our clients to connect and engage more effectively with their customers and prospects.

We can help clients move through all phases of marketing sophistication with the following services:

Strategy and Planning

  • Strategic segmentation
  • Multichannel customer profiling
  • Contact strategy
  • Campaign planning

Insights and Targeting

  • Prospect and acquisition modeling
  • Cross-sell / Customer value modeling
  • Retention modeling
  • Online targeting
  • Next product to purchase

Campaign Management

  • Campaign planning and deployment
  • Product offer optimization
  • Messaging optimization
  • Channel optimization
  • Testing and measurement


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