Connecting Responsibly with OmniActivation Strategic Services

OmniActivation Strategic Services, Experian Marketing Services' premiere online advertising product, helps advertisers connect with consumers online in a responsible, secure and anonymous way. OmniActivation Strategic Services enables relevant online display ads while ensuring that your online privacy is protected.

We accomplish this by converting attributes associated with individuals into aggregate categories or segments of likely interests for purposes of displaying online advertising to groups of persons, such as by estimated age, gender or geography. During this process, neither the advertiser nor website owner knows which individuals are receiving which ads. We work closely with our partners to provide transparency and opt-out choices throughout the process. Our goal is to keep the consumer privacy interests as our first priority, by providing advertising recipients with effective notice and choice.

Using Data Responsibly To Deliver Relevant Digital Advertising

OmniActivation Strategic Services leverages the breadth of information available through public channels such as census data or public records, in addition to self-reported data. OmniActivation Strategic Services does not 'scrape' personal information from the web or use regulated data such as personal credit history. Where we connect consumer interest segments to groups of online advertising recipients, we do so in a way that provides the recipient with notice and a clear opportunity to opt-out to prohibit their information from being used for this purpose.

Experian Marketing Services has been a trusted steward of data and a leader in the direct marketing industry for 30+ years. We are now applying our proven and safe traditional direct marketing strategies to the online world, bringing more relevant advertising to consumers while carefully safeguarding their privacy.

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