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Identify and target prospects according to their unique attributes

Direct-Marketing Lists

Target consumer or business audiences with precision.  Experian® draws from the most complete demographic, firmographic, transactional and behaviorial information available to provide powerful data from one source.


ConsumerView(SM) Database

Reach more than 299 million consumers in more than 116 million households. Our complete coverage allows you to demographically segment your direct-marketing list to reach the best prospects for your products and services. Target by age, gender, estimated income, marital status, dwelling type and more. The vast quantity of names on this database and its varied selection capabilities make this one of the largest and most flexible databases on the market today. Reach niche markets from children to grandparents, mobile homes to mansions, and metropolitan areas to rural areas. No matter whom you are marketing to, the ConsumerViewSM database can provide profitable leads.


BehaviorBank(®) Database

BehaviorBank® is one of the largest repositories of self-reported lifestyle data, with coverage on more than 57 million households including more than 1,200 data elements. With BehaviorBank, you'll gain access to responsive and highly qualified prospects and understand what drives their buying decisions. Define unique attributes of your best and most profitable customers. Anticipate likely future behaviors and buying trends. Identify prospects most like your best customers for new growth opportunities. Find new customers based on their hobbies, brand preferences, product usage and other key behaviors. Select frequent travelers, computer buyers, health enthusiasts, do-it-yourselfers or pet owners, just to name a few of the types of interests in our database. 


New Homeowners Database(SM)

New Homeowners DatabaseSM is compiled from public records, including warranty and security deeds, giving you the most recent and accurate homeowner information available today. With approximately 200,000 added each month, this database enables marketers to target the most recent new homeowners. In certain areas, updates are available weekly. New Homeowners Database also gives you access to second mortgages, investment property, private-party lenders and seller carry-backs. People who have recently bought a home purchase more products and services in the first six months after moving than an established resident spends in a two-year period. Their above-average incomes and specific purchase needs make ideal targets for everything from lawn and landscaping services to dental care, daycare and dog-walking services. Our database offers fresh, receptive prospects who are ready to establish loyal relationships in their new community.


New Movers Database(SM)

Nearly one in five consumers move every year. Be the first to welcome them with needed products and services. Target by distance of move, whether the move was local or out of state, or type of dwelling moved from and to. Refine your universe further with demographic selects. New movers are excellent prospects for financial services, retailers, home furnishing and maintenance providers, local media and cable companies, publications, restaurants, professional services, nonprofit organizations, health clubs and child-care centers, and more. Reach prospects weeks ahead of your competition. The New Movers DatabaseSM is available as a 30-day hot line or can be selected for any time period during the past 12 months.


U.S. Business Database

Connect with more than 14 million U.S. businesses. Experian's U.S. Business Database contains more than 50 fields of information. Virtually every business, no mater how small, large or newly established, is included in the database.


Newborn Network Powered by Experian Marketing Services

Parenthood triggers a wave of purchasing like no other stage in life—cars, clothing, real estate, photography, technology, consumer packaged goods, healthcare products, and home furnishings & remodeling all spike in spending. Financial services and insurance products also become priorities when parents are expecting or have just had a baby.

More than any other generation, today’s busy new moms prefer to shop direct via catalogs, online stores, and mail order offers. More than non-mothers, they look for discount coupons, special offers, how-to information, natural ingredients, and environmentally-conscious products. They also demonstrate support for the non-profits they believe in.   

Experian accurately captures over 80% of all U.S. births through rigorous best-of-breed data verification procedures. Spanning from 7-month prenatal to 36-month postnatal, Newborn Network powered by Experian sets the Gold Standard in delivering new baby data.

Experian’s new parent list is managed by ALC. For more information on Newborn Network, please contact Lori Magill-Cook, Executive Vice President, at (609) 580-2777 or by email


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