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Industry-leading data — that’s the difference. Data SelectSM, Experian’s online list-fulfillment tool for direct-marketing professionals, provides easy online selection and delivery of marketing list counts and orders. While other online list fulfillment tools sacrifice data variety for usability, Experian has taken a different approach. With selection features that are uncomplicated and intuitive, Data Select lets you work quicker without comprising selectivity. With Data Select you have access to the most comprehensive and accurate source for consumer and business marketing data available today.

Features That Make List Buying Easier

Data Select gives you access to the features and functionality you have been looking for. You can suppress customer files, suppress previous counts and orders, create matrix reports, combine searches with merge/purge and leverage sophisticated radius mapping functionality.

With convenient features designed to be easy and intuitive, Data Select lets you work quicker without comprising selectivity. Leads are on target, on the spot.

  • 24-7 online access to real-time counts provided in seconds
  • Advanced radius mapping technology that allows you to create custom polygons and drive-time mapping
  • Quick, easy uploading of custom files for suppression 
  • Time-saving options such as favorites, subscription orders, express orders and layout templates 
  • Sophisticated reporting options for two-tiered and three-tiered count report summaries provided in easy-to-use Excel files
  • Marketing offer review preapproval codes that allow you to obtain codes during business hours, with the flexibility to submit sensitive data orders on your own time — nights, weekends, whenever — without the order going on hold for review

Data Breadth and Depth

Data is today's currency. A single record can be worth thousands of dollars to marketers if it connects them to the right customer or prospect at the opportune time. With our powerful ConsumerViewSM database and U.S. Business Database, you have access to 98 percent of U.S. households and more than 16 million businesses. Our wide variety of data selectivity lets you reduce mailing costs by reaching niche audience instead of mailing to the masses.

  • Individual/Household demographics
  • Children's data
  • Transactional retail purchase data
  • Ethnic data
  • Mortgage data
  • Property data
  • Behavioral and lifestyle characteristics

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