Strategic services

Meet the in-house agency of the future. We’ve got plenty of ideas on how to take your digital marketing to the next level, backed by actual data trends and supported by robust analysis. Leave the guesswork at the door; our strategic experts won’t make a recommendation unless the numbers support it.

Let us take the burden off of your team

Sure, having all kinds of data at your disposal is a good thing. But if you don’t have the resources to analyze it properly and make the right adjustments, what good is it really doing you? Our strategic services team will help put your data into perspective and uncover key trends and strategies that will move your marketing forward and render strong ROI projections.

We are the idea engine that will drive your program forward

Our strategic team analyzes thousands of campaigns across a variety of industries, so we are in a prime position to offer you program development, customer data analysis and trend spotting. When you come to us for help, we analyze your program, identify avenues for achievable growth, and get back to you with data-driven recommendations and action plans to achieve key business outcomes.

Step inside our laboratory and watch the art and science of marketing come together

We’re uniquely equipped to do the heavy lifting on complex projects like multivariate testing and measurement, attribution and affinity modeling, social media on-ramping — basically, any program where there are a number of moving parts to keep track of at all times. By applying rigorous testing models to your email and multichannel campaigns, we’ll determine once and for all, through formal ROI analysis, what’s really driving customer engagement. Popular improvements we’ve been successful in executing in the past have included creative testing, time of day/day of the week analysis, complex segmentation, persona creation, overlaying of customer data from multiple sources, subject line testing, seasonal analysis and dynamic content testing, and plenty more.

If you’re faced with a daunting challenge or are considering a more complicated campaign strategy, we can give you the confidence and roadmap necessary to make it a reality. If you know you want to do something more but can’t quite put your finger on it… we can help you with that too.

I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but I absolutely love these benchmark reports. They’re timely and ridiculously helpful. I think the subject line information in this one will be super helpful to us and provide us with a few new things to test out as we lead up to holiday.

- Victoria R. Reuter
Marketing Manager
Urban Outfitters

Benchmark data that puts your email program in perspective

No one does data like we do. Thanks to our strategic team, all of our clients receive regular quarterly benchmark reports that put the entire email industry into perspective. Because we have such a wide variety of top-tier email marketing clients, we can aggregate data from their programs and showcase how each industry is performing individually or as a whole. This is crucial for, say, travel companies who want to benchmark their conversion rates against other travel companies rather than companies belonging to other industries like retail or banking. We can also provide custom monthly benchmarking if your business requires it.

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