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How CheetahMail moves marketing forward:

Mobile marketing

Don’t miss an opportunity to engage your best customers via mobile

Go beyond SMS

CheetahMobile amplifies and extends the effectiveness of standard email programs through mobile marketing. We offer everything from acquisition tools, preference centers and SMS messaging to short code registration, WAP pages and mobile applications. When your customer tells you where they want their messages sent, we give you the tools to deliver coordinated campaigns through the channel(s) they prefer.

Combining mobile marketing with other channels gives you a huge advantage

Our ability to capture and merge profile data allows you to identify which channel each customer is responding to and then reach that customer through the most appropriate channel.  So when your customer tells you they’d prefer mobile marketing messages, you’re immediately ready to communicate with them through mobile.

Our single, integrated web-based platform makes it easy for you to take advantage of email, social media and mobile tools to deliver meaningful messages across a variety of mediums.We can help you identify opportunities for mobile marketing to complement and amplify your reach in other marketing channels, as well as work effectively by its own accord. With our mobile marketing technology, you can:

  • Send SMS and MMS campaigns
  • Add SMS coupons to any offline program
  • Improve customer service by reaching your customers with real time mobile alerts and status updates
  • Create simple, informational mobile landing pages
  • Build your own advanced mobile Internet WAP sites with complex functionality and complete web analytics tracking

We’re here to help

Many companies don’t have mobile marketing experts on staff — but we do. Our mobile specialists are here to ensure that you receive proper training and campaign execution when running your mobile program. Mobile messaging is complex, and it’s important to partner with an expert to ensure that your campaigns are legally compliant as well as marketing-friendly. We’ll teach you best practices for mobile campaign design, get you set up with your own dedicated or shared short codes, and have the industry’s top mobile strategy experts and technical gurus working with you directly to ensure that your campaigns are executed flawlessly. Don’t have a short code? Don’t know what a short code is? Don’t worry. CheetahMail is here to help.

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