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How CheetahMail moves marketing forward:

Integrated Social media

Some things just go better together. That’s why we’ve integrated social media functionality with our email marketing technology — so that you can give your customers the ability to spread your messages on their own terms.

Streamline your email-to-social workflow

CheetahMail makes social media marketing easy. We’ve integrated social media into our email marketing workflow process so that you can simultaneously send an email and post on social media sites as part of one coordinated campaign. Built-in preview functionality and compatibility with the top social media channels not only makes your social workflow easy to manage, but also gives you the confidence to click the send button.

Social sharing abilities are just one click away

In addition to posting email campaigns to your own social media accounts, it’s critical that you give your customers the tools to share your messages voluntarily. That’s why we’ve developed one-click functionality in our interface that lets you integrate ShareThis and Facebook ‘Like’ elements into your email campaigns with ease. By giving your customers the tools to be your brand advocates, they can organically expand the reach and impact of your marketing messages.

Amplify your email messages and reach your best customers

Chances are your best customers are on Facebook. Why not do everything you can to reach them there? 

With Experian CheetahMail and Facebook targeted advertising, you can amplify the reach of your email campaigns by targeting email subscribers via Facebook advertising.  Simply segment your email lists based on any criteria and then deliver highly personalized Facebook ads to these defined customer segments to re-target subscribers or extend the reach of any email campaign.  This capability is made possible by Experian CheetahMail’s tight integration with Experian Marketing Services’ Alchemy Social, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer. 

Get your social media reporting right here

We’ve included social media reporting on all of your campaigns, including the number of “Likes,” in the same interface as your email marketing dashboard. This makes it even easier to monitor the interactivity of your intergrated social media campaigns.

Experian has made a serious commitment to and investment in integrating social media, and we now own the most sophisticated global platform delivering micro-targeted ads to Facebook.

“We know we need to invest in social media, but we don’t know how”

Does this sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. CheetahMail not only has the technology to support your intergrated social media efforts, but we also have social media experts on staff to help you get started with social media marketing. Many companies don’t have the ability to hire dedicated resources to run social campaigns — we do, and we’re here to help.

Already a social maven?

Even if you are already far down the road with your social media efforts, we’re still here for you. Experian has made a serious commitment to and investment in social media, and we now own the most sophisticated global platform delivering micro-targeted ads on Facebook. If you are already advertising on Facebook or are thinking of starting, we are just the company to help you get the most out of your efforts. Our commitment to intergrated social media is only getting stronger.

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