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Experian Advantage

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The Experian advantage

As part of Experian Marketing Services, we’re able to support you through every step of your customer engagement initiatives. We’ve got the most comprehensive consumer database in the industry, a plethora of analytical and strategic expertise, and innovative marketing technologies at our disposal.


As our business has grown to incorporate numerous channels for customer interaction, so has our need for a solution that would allow us to better identify and understand the customers using these channels. Experian’s solution will allow us to effectively capture customer data across our entire business, gain a more complete view of our customers and their buying preferences, and respond to them with the best possible offer.

- Maribeth McNamara
Director of Channel Marketing

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We know a lot about your customers

You can learn about your customers from their email behavior, but when you add Experian Marketing Services’ suite of demographic, behavioral, lifestyle and other segmentation systems (Mosaic USA, ConsumerView), you have the ability to get to know your customers on a whole new level. And once you know who you’re targeting, you can reach them with messages that speak to the core of who they are. Other data services include:

Hitwise website and search data is at your fingertips

Get the latest Internet trends right alongside your email marketing data. Through customized dashboards built within your CheetahMail reporting panel, you can have immediate access to insight from Experian Hitwise.This will let you see the most heavily trafficked websites on the Internet, the sites receiving the most traffic from email, the latest social network traffic drivers, top search terms, the credit worthiness of your site visitors as well as those of your competitors.

Verify email addresses at the point of capture

Collecting data accurately can be a difficult process with heavy monetary implications. Experian QAS provides a point-of-entry address capture solution that minimizes keystrokes while also enforcing the collection of accurate information. As a result, you’ll be able to increase the number of accurate addresses captured and have a larger pool of customers to reach via email and other channels.

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