Email Deliverability

Your reputation is everything

You continually work hard to separate your brand from the pack.   We do the same with your sender reputation.  

Our team of seasoned compliance and deliverability experts actively engage with each of our clients on an individual basis to develop optimal deliverability strategies and practices based upon their unique brand, business model and needs.   We ensure our clients maintain a positive sender reputation and that their messages are delivered to the inbox, every time.

Global expertise and leadership

As the foremost leader in industry self-regulation and Internet Service Provider (ISP) relationship management,   Experian CheetahMail connects with ISP’s around the globe.  We maintain the highest contacts at ISPs and actively participate in cross-industry groups with ISP’s.  Additionally, we participate with other international deliverability related organizations such as the Email Service Provider Coalition, U.S. and global Direct Marketing Associations, MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group) and the Anti-Phishing Working Group. 

Our teams around the globe ensure we have insight into international ISP’s filtering and bounce processes, as well as “on the ground” contacts should any issues arise.

Deliverability support and services

Unlike many other email service providers, we provide our clients with a full panel of deliverability experts to ensure your most optimal deliverability strategies are flawlessly executed.  Our deliverability operations team focuses on technical development, including authentication, throttle limits and IP allocation, while our deliverability account teams focus on developing client-centered strategies to ensure you meet your unique goals, based on your business models and needs.  Together, these teams provide you with 360 degree deliverability support - ensuring you have the right mix of technology, strategy and support to make sure your message is received.

Proprietary technology

All of Experian CheetahMail’s deliverability services are anchored by industry-leading technology.

Our proprietary deliverability technology includes:

  • IP-based and cryptographic authentication, such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc.
  • Client-specific, dedicated IP networks
  • Deliverability reporting and inbox monitoring
  • Real-time reputation management  reporting
  • Abuse complaint feedback loops
  • Unsubscribe tools
  • Sender Score Certification through Return Path
Deliverability Audit

Experian CheetahMail’s Deliverability Audit leverages our team of seasoned compliance and deliverability experts to conduct a thorough review that tests, identifies and measures your deliverability program and reputation.  We also provide strategic recommendations based on the insights gathered from the audit, as well as your brand’s unique business needs, to help you enhance your subscribers’ experience and ensure your brand’s messages are reaching your audience, every time.

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