Creative services

Add some creative “oomph” to your marketing campaigns and leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Our team of creative experts produces best in class email designs and much more for top brands worldwide, making the computer screens around the globe substantially prettier and infinitely more clickable than they were before. Top marketers choose to use our creative team because we’re faster, cheaper and more experienced than the alternatives. What’s more, we even under the same roof as your account and strategy teams, and we consistently execute excellent work that’s on the cutting edge of design.

Keep it fresh, or risk falling behind

The top email marketers are consistently updating and modifying their creative to maintain subscriber engagement. For others, updating creative can be a daunting challenge for any number of reasons, including high agency fees, poor coding skills, lack of internal resources for design and testing, and overall complacency. Thankfully, Experian CheetahMail’s expert creative staff has the tools and know-how to give anyone’s online marketing a facelift in a timely manner.

Front end elegance, back end competence

The most beautiful designs still have to render properly to produce results. If the images don’t download or if the code isn’t compliant, what good is it really doing you? Our design team is well versed in the rendering issues of specific email clients, allowing us to produce consistently stronger email templates that drive results.

Our experience designing templates that incorporate dynamic content, web analytics data, and product recommendations demonstrates that we can create email templates that can accommodate variable elements and moving parts.

A full suite of design services
  • Email and landing page design and coding
  • HTML coding
  • Banner ad design
  • Facebook page design and FBML coding
  • Registration pages, preference centers, surveys
  • Micro-site creation
  • Copy writing
  • Print design

CheetahMail’s Creative Services team was able to maximize the visual impact of our emails while maintaining the individuality of our brand. By accurately assessing our goals and keeping our audience top-of-mind, they helped us significantly improve the effectiveness and popularity of our email program.

- Jeff Carroll
Manager, Digital Marketing
Comedy Central

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