Digital Target Marketing

Leverage electronic media to acquire new customers

Market to Your Best Prospects and Spend Less

Leverage consumer data regarding viewing habits and multi media usage to create more relevant messaging for online marketing and targeted television advertisements. Plus, take advantage of Experian’s email marketing tools to manage and track web-based campaigns.

Optimize your digital target marketing efforts with the following products and services:

Audience IQSM

Rank and index your consumer definitions across all geographies, including DMA, ZIP Code, cable zones, and trade areas. Learn many things: from what broadcast and cable TV network programs your customers watch to which magazine and newspapers they read online.

Using Audience IQ to Meet Multiple Digital Target Marketing Needs

Financial PersonalitiesSM - Marketing Based

A new generation of category-specific campaign targeting and tailoring tools for financial services marketers seeking to improve the performance of their campaigns. Financial Personalities is the only campaign targeting and tailoring system of its kind in the marketplace today.

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