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For more information on direct marketing solutions, contact us at:
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For more information on credit solutions,
contact us at:
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There are several obstacles that banks must navigate as they transform into customer-centric organizations, including:
  • Accurate integration of data from disparate data sources across the organization
  • Development of customer insight from a seemingly never-ending sea of data
  • Leveraging of new channels and media to interact with their customers

Experian offers credit and direct marketing solutions for the banking industry that help you work more efficiently and communicate more effectively with profitable customers through multiple channels.

Credit solutions for the banking industry
Ensure that you offer the right product to the right customers at the right time with data management, analytics and decisioning.
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Direct marketing solutions for the banking industry
For over 30 years, Experian has been the direct marketing partner of choice for the banking industry. We create solutions to optimize your customer relationships and identify new ones. We bring together the critical components of audience, channel, message and timing to deliver innovative direct marketing solutions.
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