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Today’s hypercompetitive environment requires faster decisions, calculated risks and the ability to pivot quickly. Banks must embrace technology to streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver personalized experiences that meet the needs of today's consumers.

Experian® helps banks of all sizes to integrate digital tools, data analytics and automation to enable smarter and quicker decisions required to increase your bottom line, mitigate risk and modernize your customer experience. Partner with us and embark on a digital transformation journey that empowers your bank to thrive today and evolve tomorrow.

How Experian helps banks through digital transformation

Experian is a one-stop source for the industry’s most extensive model-ready data and features for attribute and model building. Whether you want an off-the-shelf solution or prefer to arm your data scientists with the best raw materials, Experian delivers what you need.

Data and analytics

Harness the power of big data and advanced analytics solutions to extract valuable insight.

Customer acquisition and retention

Deliver a frictionless customer experience and provide a streamlined digital onboarding process.

Credit risk and fraud management

Gain real-time insights with robust risk management tools and industry-leading credit scoring models.

Digital decisioning and automation

Automate tasks and workflows to streamline processes and drive operational efficiency.

Partner with Experian for your bank’s digital transformation journey

Helping banks transform data into informed decisions

Colleagues reviewing data on whiteboard

Industry-leading technology

  • Cloud-based platforms allow for scalability and flexibility
  • Flexible API brings all data and services together through a common access point
  • Connectable and configurable using Experian services, partners' technologies or your own data
  • Instant, seamless digital experience for you and your customers 
  • “Always on” access to FCRA-compliant and non-credit data


Experian proud

1 of 6 logos - AI Excellence Award 2021
2 of 6 logos - Future Digital Awards 2021
3 of 6 logos - Fintech Breakthrough Award
4 of 6 logos - Cloudera Data Impact Award
5 of 6 logos - Big innovation award
6 of 6 logos - Cybersecurity breakthrough award


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