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Enhance patient identity verification and reduce medical identity theft with PatientSecure®

Accurate patient identification is essential to providing the right care to the right patient. PatientSecure, a biometric patient identification management system, is an effective way to identify patients, protect against medical identity theft, enhance customer service and improve workflow for patient access staff.

With a false acceptance rate of less than one in 1.25 million, PatientSecure ensures accurate patient identification. No matter how many patients in your system have the same name and date of birth, you can be certain you have the right medical record with PatientSecure.

Other PatientSecure benefits include:

  • Improve patient safety. PatientSecure identifies each patient and ensures the right care is provided to the right patient, while eliminating the need to provide personal information each time a patient visits the hospital.
  • Reduce medical identity theft and insurance fraud. The device uses safe, near-infrared light to scan each patient’s palm vein pattern, which is unique to every individual and nearly impossible to copy. Unlike fingerprints, palm veins aren’t susceptible to minor trauma like cuts.
  • Hasten patient check-in. PatientSecure improves the speed and accuracy of patient identification at check-in.
  • Eliminate duplicate and overlaid medical records. Patients’ unique palm vein patterns are linked to their records, so there is no risk of creating an additional record or overlaying medical information on an inaccurate record — saving labor costs and reducing liability risk.

Combined with Experian Healthcare Patient Identity Verification which uses the industry’s most expansive and trustworthy data sources to give patient access staff the most accurate and up-to-date demographic information, you can further ensure patient safety and reduce medical identity theft.

See how hundreds of hospitals are using PatientSecure:

PatientSecure News

  • Duke University Health System: Duke’s health system accelerated the registration process and better safeguarded patients and providers with PatientSecure.
  • Carolinas HealthCare System: The North and South Carolina healthcare system implemented PatientSecure to allow information to be instantly available to patients throughout treatment, resulting in improved patient satisfaction.
  • BayCare Health System: This Tampa Bay, Fla., health system improved patient satisfaction and increased speed and accuracy of patient identification and registration, minimizing the amount of personal information communicated — all while reducing the opportunity for medical theft.
  • Integris Health: The Oklahoma-based hospital system leveraged biometric palm scanning to identify patients and access medical records, making Integris the first in the state to use this effective patient identity and safety approach.

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