Ask the Expert: Back-to-school advertising

Discover the anticipated marketing trends for the 2024 back-to-school advertising season in this Q&A with Experian experts

Marketing case studies


Ask the Expert: a Q&A with The Trade Desk

In this addition of our Ask the Expert series, we speak with an expert from The Trade Desk to discuss five key insights on automotive digtial advertising, data-driven strategies, privacy, and the future of the industry. Read the Q&A to learn more. 

MiQ case study

Experian's Graph increases reach and scale: Case study with MiQ

MiQ's Identity Spine has integrated Experian's Graph to improve both audience targeting and reach. Experian's Graph increased MiQ's scale by adding an average of 6.5 devices to each matched IP address, while also yielding a 70% match rate between MiQ-provided IP addresses and cookieless IDs. 

the trade desk thumbnail

Ask the Expert: The Trade Desk's UID2

As Google initiates the phase-out of cookies for a portion of its users, the need for alternative IDs in digital advertising takes center stage. Our latest Ask the Expert segment dives into this topic, exploring how the UID2 identifier prioritizes consumer privacy, upholds interoperability, and provides accuracy to advertisers' demands while navigating this evolving landscape.

Graph case study

Achieve accurate attribution with Graph

A demand-side platform (DSP) needed to determine who converted on their client's website after receiving a connected TV impression. Learn how Experian's Graph enabled the DSP to match digital IDs to online conversions to ultimately increase the accuracy of attribution and measurement insights for their client.

merkle ask the expert case study thumbnail

Ask the Expert: Data ownership

Data ownership enables businesses to have control over their own data to gain better insights into customer behavior, while audience ownership allows businesses to create their own audiences for enhanced marketing. In this Ask the Expert segment, we speak with Merkle about the ways that you can connect customer experiences with business results through data ownership and audience strategy. 

ask the expert thumbnail

Ask the Expert: Convergent TV and attribution

Convergent TV measurement and attribution are crucial for advertisers and businesses to understand the impact of their marketing strategies on consumer behavior and assess the effectiveness of their TV campaigns. In this segment, we welcome 605 to discuss the significance of convergent TV, attribution, measurement, and safeguarding personal data to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

ask the expert with a4 Advertising

Ask the Expert: Data enrichment

In this segment of Ask the Expert, a4 Advertising, an Experian client, joins us to discuss why data enrichment is important and its key benefits across connected TV (CTV) advertising. Discover how our first-party data enrichment services enables marketers to build comprehensive customer profiles, expand their customer base, and precisely pinpoint target audiences.

ask the expert with a4 Advertising

Ask the Expert: Sell-side targeting

In this segment of Ask the Expert, we sit down with OpenX, an Experian partner, to discuss the shift we're seeing toward sell-side targeting, how Experian helps power OpenX's data segments and identity graphs within their SSP, and how to reach consumers in a cookieless future. 

ask the expert with dealerX on hashed email

Ask the Expert: Hashed email

Hashed email is a privacy-safe identifier that helps marketers future-proof their identity strategies in a cookieless world. In our new series, Ask the Expert, hear from DealerX's Jeff Tognetti on how you can use hashed email to build toward connected consumer identity. 

thumbnail of experian's case study on international marketing strategy with Mosaic

Data driven international marketing

Swiss Sense used granular-level Mosaic data to implement an international marketing strategy and deliver relevant and personalized content in new markets. Learn how Experian's consumer data and audience segmentation tools can improve your marketing. 

cuebiq case study

Increase identity match rates with Activity Feed

Cuebiq wanted a vendor who could capture and match more impressions in web, mobile, and CTV environments to a MAID. After working with Experian, Cuebiq now receives hourly log files with event-data mapped to a household ID and addressable MAIDs. Learn how Experian's Activity Feed significantly increases match rates and resolves data from cookieless environments.

Marketing reports and guides

experian syndicated audience guide

Experian's pre-built audience segments

Discover how to reach the right audiences across multiple verticals, refine your audience by layering data from specialty categories, simplify demographic and behavioral targeting with Experian's branded data, and reach consumers based on common attributes within geographic regions. 

2024 Digital audience trends and predictions

2024 Digital audience trends and predictions

Data-driven insights to help you craft your marketing strategy in 2024. Discover four audience segments that grew in usage in 2023, the most popular audiences to activate by industry, predictions for 2024 digital activation and more in this exclusive report. 

experian 2023 holiday spending report thumbnail

2023 Holiday spending trends and insights

Our annual holiday report uncovers valuable, data-driven insights to help you drive marketing ROI this holiday season! We cover past trends, profiles of holiday shoppers based on spending behavior, and more. Use expert recommendations to optimize your upcoming campaigns and enhance the shopping experience for your customers. 

IDC retail media networks report thumbnail

Report on the state of retail media networks

Retailers must collaborate to gain the full benefits of retail media networks. In this Experian sponsored report by IDC, Ananda Chakravarty, Research Vice President of IDC Retail Insights, covers the current state of retail media networks and how to fit retail media networks into your marketing mix.

Back to school audience guide thumbnail

2023 Back-to-school audience guide

Reach the right audiences with your 2023 back-to-school campaigns to drive marketing ROI this school season. In this guide, we share top shopper audiences to target, how to reach them across in store and online media channels, and where you can find Experian's pre-built audiences. 

ITA campaign e-book

E-book: Explore best practices for ITA campaigns

Discover how to target smarter, not harder. Find out in our e-book how to set your brand apart, increase account openings and better target consumers with invitation to apply offers. 

Webinars and videos

back-to-school thumbnail image

Ask the Expert: 2024 Back-to-school advertising

Marketers need effective strategies to capture the attention of both students and parents with their back-to-school advertisements. This video explores changing consumer behaviors surrounding back-to-school shopping, tactics marketers may use to navigate signal loss, and the channels we think will be most successful to help you craft effective marketing strategies and resonate with your audience this school season.

ask the expert with merkle video

Ask the Expert: Data ownership

In this Ask the Expert segment, we sit down with Merkle to discuss how data ownership and audience strategies can connect customer experiences with tangible business results. Watch the full conversation here to discover how you can enhance your marketing effectiveness across channels.

ask the expert video thumbnail 605

Ask the Expert: Convergent TV and attribution

The convergence of traditional TV and digital streaming platforms presents an innovative opportunity for advertisers to engage their target audience. Join us for an exploration of the ways that attribution and measurement tools in convergent TV can optimize your advertising campaigns and enhance viewer engagement in this Q&A with 605. 

cannes panel thumbnail

Cannes 2023 panels with AdTech leaders

Experian hosted four panels during Cannes Lions 2023 with leaders across the advertising industry. We welcomed CXOs from Adweek, IAB, Tatari, Disney, and more to discuss the state of streaming TV, the future of identity, sell-side targeting, and the new emphasis on first-party data. Watch the full, forward-thinking conversations about the advertising ecosystem and strategies to address marketing challenges here! 

ask the expert first-party data enrichment with a4 Advertising

Ask the Expert: First-party data enrichment

Data enrichment enhances first-party data sets with third-party data sources, creating more precise and personalized messaging. In this Ask the Expert segment with our client a4 Advertising, we explore why data enrichment is crucial in marketing for building comprehensive consumer profiles, expanding your customer base, and its key benefits across connected TV (CTV) advertising.

ask the expert on sell-side targeting with openx

Ask the Expert: Sell-side targeting

Sell-side targeting revolutionizes the way advertisers and supply-side platforms (SSPs) work together. In our Ask the Expert series,  we sit down with our client, OpenX, to discuss the shift to targeting on the sell-side and how first- and third-party data are being used to create more targeted campaigns.

ask the expert webinar thumbnail

Ask the Expert: Hashed email

Introducing the new Q&A series, Ask the Expert. Our first segment features Jeff Tognetti, the Product Development Team Lead at DealerX, covering how to future-proof your identity strategy by exploring Hashed Email use cases, technical details, and offer an expert point of view on the cookieless future. 

making the most of your ad budget with contextual advertising webinar

Making the most of your digital ad budget with contextual targeting and audience insights webinar

In this Tech-Talk Webinar hosted by eMarketer, Experian and Yieldmo share valuable insights and recommendations to proactively plan your 2023 marketing strategies. Learn how contextual advertising can solve for first-party cookie deprecation, what you need from identity and targeting data to reach the right people, and more! 

thumbnail of find the right marketing mix with rising consumer expectations webinar

Find the right marketing mix with rising consumer expectations

Guest speaker Nikhil Lai, Senior Analyst from Forrester Research, and Experian cover new data on the complexity and uncertainty facing marketers, consumer trends for 2023 and recommendations on finding the right channel mix.

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