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What is Graph, Experian’s identity graph?

Graph provides businesses with a condensed and integrated view of consumers’ digital identities. Digital identifiers like IPs, HEMs, MAIDs, first- and third-party cookies, CTV IDs, and universal IDs are vital for marketers to understand consumers, but they are often scattered across multiple devices. This information can be consolidated in an identity graph, allowing businesses to better understand audiences and make efficient, data-driven marketing decisions.

The Experian Graph offers unparalleled reach and scale with 2.75 billion IDs

Managing the many digital identities assigned to households and individuals requires a comprehensive tool for resolving identity. Graph provides expansive data coverage across:

Over 250M individuals and 126 million households 

1 trillion device signals and 490M mobile ad IDs

200 million CTV IDs and 750M hashed emails 

Experian’s identity graph is designed for efficiency. Here’s how.

Our identity graph is scalable and flexible to meet your company’s unique needs.


Signal agnostic

Continuous expansion of the IDs we support, like universal IDs, to ensure Graph always meets your needs and evolves with industry trends. Our commitment to remain signal agnostic can help you stay ahead of competitors with the ability to work across the ecosystem.

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Stability and precision

Experian’s Graph is equipped with persistent IDs at the household and individual level to ensure that targeting and measurement solutions become increasingly accurate over time. Our ID linkages are validated through robust machine-learning algorithms for guaranteed precision. 

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Complete flexibility

We understand solutions can’t be one-size-fits-all, so Graph offers complete flexibility across the ecosystem. Graph is equipped with trusted technology that is used across the top brands, publishers, TV platforms and AdTech ecosystem. Businesses can design an ID graph based on their unique needs, including share, receive, and delivery location IDs.

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Reduce wasted ad spend

Experian’s identity graph directly addresses a significant challenge digital advertisers face — wasted ad spend. According to the Digital Media Wastage Report, digital advertisers wasted 41% of their ad spend in 2022. Waste is happening due to signal loss, inaccurate targeting, and the inability to reach the intended audience. Our ID graph tackles this problem by minimizing signal loss, improving targeting accuracy, and ensuring ads reach the intended audience. 

Experian’s identity graph powers a range of use cases 

Graph is a versatile tool that precisely connects digital identifiers to households and individuals to provide marketers, platforms, and publishers a consolidated view of consumers’ digital IDs for a variety of use cases:

Identity resolution

Enhance the accuracy of cross-device marketing tactics by linking known and anonymous IDs and data back to a single person or household to resolve identity

Audience expansion

Expand your audience by enriching data sets with new IDs for increased reach and scale. 


Optimize your marketing efforts by onboarding customer or partner first-party data to expand digital IDs like IP addresses, hashed emails, MAIDs, and cookies. 

Precise targeting 

Cross-device resolution with Experian’s Graph allows you to improve targeting precision and manage ad frequency more accurately. 

Accurate attribution

Elevate attribution quality to understand the true path to conversion by linking all digital touchpoints to a single person. 

Content personalization

Enhance your marketing strategy with customized content recommendations, messages, and creativity based on a consumer’s past interactions. 

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Case study: How Graph increases reach and scale

Experian's Graph increased MiQ's scale by adding an average of 6.5 devices to each matched IP address, while also yielding a 70% match rate between MiQ-provided IP addresses and cookieless IDs.

View the full case study to learn more about Experian's Graph and how we partnered with MiQ to increase reach and scale for advertisers. 

We can help you build a bespoke identity graph

Our team can guide you through utilizing an ID graph to achieve your specific business needs. Here’s how we help you do it:

1. Define

Choose IDs to send us, including HEMs, MAIDs, CTV IDs, and more to begin building an identity graph for your specific business needs.

2. Resolve

Determine the resolution level you need to balance granularity with practicality, including household and individual level data, or combined. 

3. Deliver

Select the IDs you’d like to receive and your delivery location, then we can provide you with seamless integration into your preferred platform. 

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Privacy and trust

At Experian, we prioritize data privacy and take extensive measures to protect the confidentiality and security of our data. We employ extensive partner data testing and adhere to a values-based approach to confidentiality, ensuring responsible and ethical data usage.

This means every step of our data processing journey is structured to uphold transparency, user consent, and the protection of personally identifiable information. 

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