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126 million

average number of transactions captured per month

$5.9 billion

average total transaction amount captured by our dataset each month

500 brands

including nationwide merchants

24 months

of historical purchase data

Experian’s purchase-based dataset is built into our suite of privacy-by-design marketing solutions. Get transactional information that connects you with the right customers or consumers.

Purchase-based data helps you identify and reach audiences who:

  • Buy from your competitors.
  • Shop for the upcoming season.
  • Purchase from your category.
  • Visit brick and mortar stores. 
transaction data

What is transactional data?

In the context of marketing, transactional data is the information recorded for a transaction. To keep things simple, we’ll discuss consumer rather than B2B transactions.

According to Statista, at least 468 billion credit and debit card transactions were processed in 2020 — and that’s just for American credit card companies. Transaction volume has grown every year since 2014, increasing 6% between 2019 and 2020.

With a growing number of traceable online purchases, transaction data plays a huge role in digital commerce and marketing. Thousands of transactions are recorded every second, so what’s being collected every time you swipe, tap or click?

The level of detail recorded in purchase datasets depends on the organization recording the information. It’s also important to note that everyday transactions are often recorded by multiple parties. 

Businesses want to collect transaction data that will help improve their marketing campaigns by answering questions like:

  • What products were sold? 
  • Who purchased those products? 
  • When was the transaction? 
  • Where was the transaction?
  • How much money changed hands? 

transaction data

Examples of transactional data

Brands collect first-party transactional data. It’s no surprise that they collect and store itemized data we see on receipts. The brand may use this data to aggregate the total amount you spend at their stores each year and which products you repeatedly buy. This helps the brand cater to your loyalty status and product preferences.

Financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies also record transactional data. However, they often record information differently. Financial institutions often record a much larger volume of transactions than any singular brand. So, to manage their data effectively, banks or credit card companies may record less granular, merchant-level information for each of their customers.

Merchant-level transaction data includes the date, location and the total transaction amount a consumer spends at a brand. Look at your recent bank or credit card account activity to get an idea of what this data looks like.

Side-by-side comparison of our merchant-level transaction vs. Itemized transaction receipt

How do marketers use transaction data?

Marketers can use first-party data to personalize advertising campaigns based on customers’ previous purchases. You can even use it to build semi-annual sales based on when and how much your customers are likely to spend.

While extremely useful, first-party transaction data limits marketers to look only at the customer base they’ve already established or sold to in the past. But there’s a whole world of prospective buyers out there that marketers want to reach.

Luckily, there’s also an expanse of merchant-level transaction data that marketers can tap into. You can leverage purchase-based data through Experian Marketing Services to learn about and reach consumers who are likely to buy from your brand.

  • Learn more about customers shopping at your brand or at your competitors.
  • Get a robust view of consumers with deterministic credit and debit purchase-based data.
  • Build custom audience(s) based on consumer purchase behavior.
Learn more about our transaction dataset and see how you can tap into the suite of Experian. Plug purchase-based data into Experian’s powerful Discovery Platform to enhance your marketing results.

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