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Make your marketing message more impactful

Let’s face it: as much as technology has created a wealth of opportunities for marketers to make the most of consumer connections, it’s also created a lot of challenges. With so many different brands reaching out to customers across so many different channels, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and have a meaningful interaction with your intended audience.

But having a one-to-one connection with your customers is the key to success. And the smarter and more personalized marketing becomes, the more you’ll need to take full advantage of data to ensure your message is seen by the right customers at exactly the right time.


Audiences@Experian can help

With over five decades of experience providing organizations with marketing products, services and insights derived from our vast data assets, Experian is your ideal partner in data-driven marketing solutions. Why? Because we live, eat, and breathe data.

We maintain and analyze information about consumer buying decisions and collect consumer information from original sources so you can accurately identify your target audiences. Plus, we can help you identify the right potential customers, uncover the most appropriate communication channels, develop messages that resonate, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities and campaigns with pinpoint accuracy.


Why choose Audiences@Experian?

  • Take advantage of ConsumerView to build your audience from 300 million consumers across 126 million living units.
  • Target your audience down to the minutest of details using the power of Experian data tools like Mosaic USA, allowing you to effectively tailor your messaging based on consumer behavior, attitude and preferences.
  • Build a true omnichannel campaign that will help you reach your audience wherever they are, from TV to laptops and tablets to their phone, and beyond.
  • Generate insights and create lookalike modeling quickly and easily.
  • Activate and measure your campaign using Experian’s cross-channel media partner network of over 150 destinations.


Here’s a small sampling of the audiences we can create for you:

The Audiences@Experian difference

Countless brands have trusted Experian with their data-driven marketing efforts due to our industry expertise, and our commitment to upholding stringent industry compliance standards with the FHA, ECOA and other applicable laws, along with hundreds of Fair Lending Act (or FLA)-friendly data audiences. We pride ourselves on working closely with our partners to deliver the results you’re looking for and deliver your message at the right time—every time.

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