Experian Marketing Services Hitwise Leadership Team

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Simon Bradstock

Simon Bradstock - SVP and General Manager, Experian Hitwise

Simon is responsible for the overall strategy, sales, marketing and delivery of Experian Hitwise services to top brands and companies across North America. As a member of the Experian Marketing Services management team, Simon uses data gathered from our comprehensive online consumer sample to develop new and unique insights into Internet user trends and create a strategy to best target these consumers in Search, Display, E-mail and social campaigns.

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Harvey Giles

Harley Giles - SVP, Product Development and Operations, Experian Hitwise

Harley is responsible for the product management, product development, operations, data quality and metrics groups, as well as the acquisition and management of all Experian Hitwise data sources and product development strategy across existing and emerging Experian Hitwise markets so as to maintain and develop Experian Hitwise's growth. Harley has a thorough understanding of the online digital ecosystem and the Access Provider (ISP / Mobile) industry worldwide from both a commercial and technical perspective. Over the his career at Experian he has been a key driver of the development of Experian Hitwise's digital analytics product, data assets and data collection technologies. Prior to working with Experian, Harley held senior positions in the digital marketing departments of various online properties.

Anita Gandhi

Anita Gandhi - Senior Director, Strategic Services, Experian Hitwise

Anita brings more than 10 years of experience to the leadership of the Experian Hitwise strategic services and custom segmentation team. With the idea that no two clients are the same, Anita and her team work with Experian Hitwise clients to identify, reach, acquire and retain highly defined consumer segments. Anita leverages Hitwise and Experian data and analytical expertise to create segmentation solutions that fit the specific goals and objectives of each client

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