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Connect the complex dots of identity resolution

Solving for identity is at the core of every marketing activity. The ability to accurately identify consumers is the most basic prerequisite for marketing analytics, orchestration and execution, and it's becoming increasingly important for marketers to link together disparate systems of audience insights and engagement to foster a more seamless and personalized omnichannel customer experience.

MarketingConnect is how Experian resolves identity for marketers by providing you with:

  • A 360-degree view of your customers and prospects
  • Audience insights and analytics
  • Identity management solutions for first, second and third party data
  • Digital onboarding and media activation
  • Closed loop campaign measurement


Why MarketingConnect is different

Known Reference Data: MarketingConnect isn't just a software solution. We leverage real known consumer data to inform identity resolution. Our 40+ years of historical PII data and large sources of digital identity data enables us to continuously resolve identity. Our techniques allow us to recognize customers, regardless of the input data.

Persistent Identity: MarketingConnect produces persistent ID's. This persistency allows you to continuously link information to a single common ID. These ID's are stable over time and provide you with the anchor ID's that are needed within your customer-centric systems.

Privacy & Compliance: Your data is of the utmost importance. We protect that data using systems that were designed with privacy and compliance by design. We do not share your data. To ensure privacy and brand safety, ID's that may be provided as part of our service are unique to you. When you ask us to share data between your partners and other parties, identities remain protected.

Speed & Scale: MarketingConnect was built on cutting edge big data technology, and we can process large volumes of data in a short period of time, either through automated batch or real-time API's.


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Experian featured in Enterprise Identity Resolution Platforms: A Marketer's Guide.   

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