Watch the Email Insights Participant-Exclusive Webinar

As an Email Insights participant with Experian Marketing Services, you know the best way to find your next best customer, is to start with knowing your existing ones. Putting those customer insights to action, though, can be a convoluted process from an organizational standpoint, involving numerous roles, touchpoints and points of view.

View our webinar and learn about how you can align your internal advertising process to take your best-customer knowledge and simplify the process of targeting those profiles through Experian’s OmniActivation you can unlock the data and technology to supplement your customer knowledge you gleaned from Email insights, and activate those best-customer profiles across channels and connect the different organizational functions like Media Buying, Marketing Communications and more.

The webinar covers:

  • How to use your data from Email Insights to create a cross channel strategy
  • The easy way to active your email audience for addressable advertising
  • Three ways your team can use Email Insights to break down organizational silos
  • Case studies from leading brands that show how coordinated omnichannel campaigns can increase sales

View Now:

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