Case studies

Choice Hotels

Case Study: Consumer Data & Insights Drives Upscale Guest Acquisition

Choice Hotels had a business objective to increase new, upscale guests and looked at various data providers who could provide deep insights into this target audience.

SP Group

SP Group Case Study: Analytics for Equitable Disaster Recovery

SP Group utilized Experian data combined with Hurricane Harvey damage data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to identify the neighborhoods that are most vulnerable to the negative impact of property damage due to their underlying economic conditions exhibiting high distress – the greatest need neighborhoods.

Gulf States Toyota

Gulf States Toyota measures addressable TV success with mobile data

Gulf States Toyota (GST) wanted to focus its TV media buys beyond the traditional demographic-based targeting that linear TV depends on and opted for a more data-driven approach. Addressable TV offered GST the ability to target specific households based on more robust behavioral data. GST wanted to test their Addressable TV strategy's effectiveness and efficiency in driving foot traffic to its 157 dealerships.

Data Clique

Data Clique: Data, targeting and measurement drive gym memberships

A national fitness chain approached Data Clique with two hurdles to overcome. First, they had declining memberships. Second, they had no direction on how to best allocate their marketing spend. Data Clique partnered with Experian Marketing Services to learn more about the gyms customers, develop a targeted audience for direct mail and display advertising, and deliver reporting that demonstrated whether or not the campaigns were driving prospects into their gyms. After a few months, Data Clique and Experian campaigns drove up to 57% of new monthly memberships for the national chain through a combination of direct mail and online display advertising.

Base Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops: Reengaging inactive subscribers through global email insights

Bass Pro Shops, a top retailer for hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor recreation merchandise, needed a way to intelligently interact with lapsed email subscribers in order to win back their business. To distinguish between truly inactive email addresses and subscribers who were simply not interacting with the brand, Bass Pro joined Experian Marketing Services’ Email Insights cooperative, a service that helps marketers discover deeper customer insights from participating members. By overlaying global email activity data onto its current customer files, Bass Pro could maintain its positive sender reputation by avoiding truly inactive email addresses.


Meredith Corporation drives success using a single customer view across channels

Meredith Corporation required a solution to integrate and link its disparate data for an integrated, accurate and persistent view of its customers and prospects. Meredith implemented Experian Marketing Services’ advanced linkage technology and data assets to meet their needs. Meredith improved its ability to deliver ROI – having a single understanding of their customers across all channels allowed for improved targeting, up-sell and cross-sell programs.

Sage Hill

Sage Hill School engages donors through segmentation and personalization

Sage Hill School, a small California college preparatory school, wanted to boost their fundraising figures in order to have the resources to continue to move their program from great to extraordinary. The high school sought to engage new donors and educate them about the impact of their philanthropy, which led to a common business challenge: How do you best reach a pool of potential donors and appeal to their philanthropic interests? Experian appended Mosaic® and TrueTouchSM elements in order to determine the attitudinal and behavioral profiles of Sage Hill School donors.

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