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  • Driving web traffic and ad sales through strategic content development: A Case Study with The Weather Channel
    April, 2013

    Learn how The Weather Channel, the premier provider of weather information, used Experian Marketing Services for insight and analysis to optimize search and content across seasonal and immediate topical weather activity and create new advertising sales opportunities and packages to grow revenue.

  • Persona-drive search strategy delivers better results: A Case Study with iAcquire
    March 2013

    Discover how iAcquire, an enterprise digital marketing company, leverages Experian Marketing Services consumer insight data to build persona-driven SEO, content marketing, digital public relations and social marketing strategies for their clients.

  • A 2012 Online Holiday Season Recap
    January 2013

    Our experts share in depth analysis and insights on the top performing retail sites and the most effective channels driving traffic during the 2012 online holiday season.

  • The Latino Influence Project
    November 2012

    To help forward-thinking marketers stay ahead of this growing demographic and cultural trend, Experian Marketing Services and advertising agency Wing partnered to launch the Latino Influence Project with a mission to quantify the extent to which Latinos are influencing the non-Latinos around them. View this informative webinar on the state of the Hispanic consumer marketplace and the impact that this growing segment is having on the rest of the country.

  • Hot Products for the 2012 Holiday Season
    November 2012

    Our Consumer Insights trend-spotters have zeroed in on search trends for products that could become this year's holiday favorites. Discover this season's hottest products straight from the fingertips of consumers and gain insight into how marketers are capturing their visits.

  • Improve Your Holiday Marketing Results
    September 2012

    Consumer Insights experts share must-have insights that will improve your ability to target and engage high value consumer segments. Learn more about what, how and when consumers search and buy online during the holiday season as we share critical insights from the 2011 season and look ahead to 2012.

  • Occupy Voters – Key PoliticalPersonasSM 2012
    August 2012

    View our webinar to learn how to target highly defined voter segments with PoliticalPersonas.

  • Grow Profitability with Financial Segments
    July 2012

    Success requires the combined power of the largest sample of online consumer behavior and deep demographic, life stage and highly specific financial segmentation products that put your offers in front of the consumer most likely to respond, and be approved for your specific products and services.
    During this webcast we discuss how to identify, engage and convert your most profitable customers across your lines of products and services.

  • Identify and Engage Your Most Profitable Travel Customers
    July 2012

    Best-selling author Bill Tancer showcases how to identify, target and engage diverse traveler segments with specific marketing campaigns and content to drive revenue.

  • 2012 Holiday Planning Webinar
    June 2012

    As you’re planning your upcoming holiday marketing campaigns it is important to take a look back at the trends that have emerged in recent years. Our resident data experts Bill Tancer and Marcus Tewksbury will take you through key insights that will help to fuel your 2012 campaigns.
  • Driving revenue through data insights
    May 2012
    Best-selling author, Bill Tancer will walk through a daily deals site case study and show how the data tells a story about their shoppers and buyers that doesn’t align with common perceptions.
  • Identifying Seasonal Trends in Online Consumers: Celebrating Moms, Dads, & Grads
    April 2012
    Learn more on how to identify, target and engage key consumer segments with specific marketing tactics and content around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation for high school and college seniors.
  • Consumer Targeting - Digital Marketing for Healthcare
    March 2012
    During this webinar we examine how the online healthcare space has evolved and how to best reach your target audience online.
  • Using Search Insights to Optimize Content - An Election Case Study:
    February 2012
    Identify and leverage the content that resonates with voters to create significant impact for a campaign, drive site visits, ad revenue and votes.
  • 2011 Holiday Season: A recap of online marketing trends and insights & a look ahead to 2012
    January 2012
    Discover the top performing retail sites and media channels from the 2011 holiday shopping season.
  • Cruising for Customers: Driving Marketing Results through Audience Segmentation
    December 2011
    During this webinar, we demonstrates how to leverage audience segmentation to improve your consumer targeting and drive marketing results
  • Hot Products 2011
    November 2011

    Discover this season’s hottest products straight from the fingertips of the consumer and how marketers are capturing their visits.
  • Black Friday
    October 2011

    Discover key marketing tactics and strategies to drive and capture visitors this holiday season. Last year, Black Friday was the single biggest day for retail website traffic, up 13% from the previous holiday season. Thanksgiving Day was the second biggest day, showing that consumers use this day to jumpstart their holiday shopping research.
  • The Digital Road to the White House
    October 2011

    Discover the best practices to capture the online vote. As the 2012 elections gear-up, Margot Bonner, Consumer Insights Analyst, discussed how the online landscape has changed since 2008 and identify best practices for the digital road to the White House.
  • Trendspotting: Discovering Consumer Insights Through Search Webinar
    August 2011
    Consumers are constantly entering search queries that reveal their intentions across a majority of their activities in daily life – researching shopping and financial decisions, seeking out content and navigating directly to online destinations. These search queries then provide a blueprint for marketers to understand how consumer sentiment and intent evolves over time, which can then feed into strategies across the organization including merchandising & content development, display ad & email campaigns.
  • Back to School Webinar 2011
    July 2011

    Summer has just begun, but many retailers are busy planning for the back to school season. Join us to discover how you can advance your search engine marketing, display advertising, and e-mail strategies to capitalize on the newest back to school products and trends.
  • The New Marketing Playbook: Aligning strategies to engage the new American consumer
    June 2011
    American consumers' tastes and preferences have changed dramatically over the last few years. Learn more about how these changes impact you marketing segementation and new consumer trends that affect your marketing initiatives.
  • Hitwise Travel Webinar: On the Road Again
    May 2011
    As marketers are beginning to plan their online summer season campaigns, discover data insights based on online consumer behavior to identify emerging travel trends and opportunities.
  • The 2011 Digital Marketer: Benchmark & Trend Report
    April 2011
    Covering key insights using Hitwise and other Experian Marketing Services data, this report contains the latest trend information and predictive benchmark data necessary for businesses to maximize digital marketing opportunities and return on investment.
  • The Real Estate Forecast Post Foreclosure Crisis
    March 2011

    Heather Dougherty, Research Director, Consumer Insights presents the latest trends in the online real estate market and its role as a broad indicator of consumer confidence and spending.
  • The Travel Consumer's Response to Social Media, Search & Email
    January 2011

    Heather Dougherty, Research Director, Consumer Insights and guest presenter Andrew Elkins, Campaign Planning Supervisor, Carnival Cruise Lines discuss how the Travel Industry can use social media, search and email to drive marketing initiatives.
  • 2010 Holiday Retail Recap
    January 2011

    How receptive were shoppers this holiday season? During this webinar, Heather Dougherty, Consumer Insights, Director, Research, reveals the top performing retail sites and the most effective channels driving traffic.

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