HR offboarding and onboarding services

From tax credit management to verification services, Experian Employer Services is your trusted HR management partner.

Outsourcing HR services to our team can offload the burden of busy administrative tasks, freeing up time for your team to focus on other areas of your business.

HR Onboarding Services

Our team offers help throughout the entire employee lifecycle. From the start, our HR onboarding services help you seamlessly bring new talent to your organization. From verifying income and employment to I-9 administration and more, our solutions make it easy to ensure new employees integrate smoothly into your company.

I-9 Administration

Streamlining your I-9 administration with our HR and payroll services helps to ensure a mistake-free workflow, allowing you to identify errors and inconsistencies before submitting your documents to reduce your audit risk. Our comprehensive dashboard reporting allows you to view actionable insights and easily access data when you need to, while our integration with E-Verify makes it easy to resolve and prevent TNCs.

Tax Withholding Compliance

As you onboard new talent, have peace of mind knowing their paperwork is taken care of with our tax withholding compliance solutions. With a better payroll tax experience, you can show your staff you care about them with your stress-free payroll process. Whether you need to auto-apply local income taxes for remote workers or ensure employees complete the correct forms, our HR outsourcing services keep you in compliance the entire way.

HR Offboarding Services

When an employee leaves the company, streamline the offboarding process with our intuitive offboarding services. With unemployment cost and claims management, you can outsource the burden of handling unemployment claims to lower risk and maintain compliance.

Unemployment Cost and Claims Management

At Experian Employer Services, rest assured, knowing you can easily handle unemployment claims with our unemployment cost and claims management services. As your trusted partner, our trusted experts can handle your claims and hearings administration, ensure compliance with regulatory changes, recover overpayments, manage unemployment appeals, wage determinations and more.

HR Employee Services

Enjoy complete HR employee services to improve overall satisfaction and productivity. With our HR services on your side, you can equip your team with the resources and expertise to handle a wide range of administrative tasks, including the management of tax credits, payroll taxes, pay statements, ACA reporting and more.

Tax Credit Management

Boost your bottom line with our tax credit management services. Our team of tax experts can help you identify various payroll taxes that can reduce your tax bill while ensuring compliance and accuracy throughout the process. Easily apply for payroll tax credits like the work opportunity tax credit, employee retention credit, research and development credit and more with the help of our team.

Payroll Tax Services

Managing payroll taxes is essential for businesses of any size in any industry. Our team streamlines this process to add time back into the hands of your busy payroll team to focus on other areas of your company. Our payroll tax services offer consulting, account compliance, merger and acquisition, and payroll and tax solution services to help you navigate the complex local, state and federal tax environment. 

Pay Statements

Improve the employee experience with custom pay statements that meet all state and company requirements. Your team can access their pay information anytime, anywhere, by providing universal access to pay statements. And, with the ability to send email and text alerts, employees can be notified of any pay-related information the moment it’s released.

Verification Fulfillment

Ensure employees are who they say they are with our verification fulfillment services. When it comes to HR services, having accurate verification procedures helps ensure employment and income data provided by prospective employees is accurate. We also ensure compliance throughout the entire process, requiring employee consent and retaining top-of-the-line security.

ACA Reporting

Deliver accurate Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting statements with our ACA reporting services. A vital component of HR and payroll services is ensuring the complete fulfillment of 1095-B and C forms. With our team at Experian Employment Services, we ensure the timely delivery of ACA reports for employees ahead of tax season and abide by state-mandated reporting requirements. 

Year-End Statements

Keep tax season stress-free with our year-end payroll reports and tax statements, which increase the productivity of your busy HR and payroll teams. Our end-of-year payroll reports provide full-scope year-end reporting to give you a complete and accurate overview of your annual taxes.

What makes Experian different

What Makes Experian Employer Services Different

At Experian Employer Services, our HR services assist you throughout the entire employee lifestyle, from onboarding to offboarding. By streamlining workforce management, we help you overcome compliance hurdles and financial uncertainty while improving the employee experience.

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Streamline HR with Experian Employer Services

Streamline Onboarding and Offboarding With the Right HR Technology

HR outsourcing services can be a great way to improve your onboarding and offboarding processes. With HR and payroll services, you can leverage verification fulfillment services, I-9 administration and gather e-signatures during onboarding, while taking advantage of unemployment management solutions and platforms to conduct exit interviews to receive feedback during offboarding.

Improving the employee onboarding process

Improving the Employee Onboarding Process

One employee retention strategy is implementing a smooth and engaging onboarding process. First impressions matter, and with HR services, you can improve employee onboarding that orientates new hires with your organization. From cultural alignment to job training, the quality of your onboarding process that stems from your offer to an employee’s first day and even quarter makes an impact. Review this guide to learn crucial tips to streamline onboarding today.