Welcome Back! Proven Strategies to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers

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A staggering 60% of most subscriber lists are inactive, giving email marketers the difficult challenge of finding ways to re-engage subscribers without creating deliverability hazards.

With a well-crafted reactivation campaign, however, you can successfully build upon your brand's previous investments, and identify and target customers who have the highest propensity to re-engage with your brand.

This seminar will guide you through proven techniques and strategies to re-engage your inactive subscribers.

During this webcast, you will learn:

  • What to do if subscribers stop interacting with your emails, or simply subscribe and never interact with them at all
  • How to develop segmentation strategies for targeting inactive subscribers
  • Campaign ideas for getting inactive to engage
  • How to engage inactives while keeping your ISP reputation intact


About the Speakers:

Stephanie Capretto 
Stephanie Capretto
 is an associate director of client services, and responsible for building Experian Marketing Services' relationships with several top digital marketers in the industry. With more than 11 years of experience in account management focusing on email marketing, Stephanie has managed a wide spectrum of programs, including lifecycle messaging, inactive management, deliverability and email's integration with other digital marketing channels.




Kevin Furlong 
Kevin Furlong
 is an associate director who began working at Experian Marketing Services more than 7 years ago in web analytics and has moved his focus to email and related channel marketing. He enjoys helping a variety of clients across verticals navigate the digital landscape, from deliverability and reactivation strategies to lifecycle management, analytics and creative optimization.

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