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Whether you are looking to refine your deposit gathering strategies, expand your population, or deepen relationships, Experian has the data, analytics and consulting capabilities to help accelerate your growth objectives and enhance the banking experience. Our tools can be used to develop game-changing deposit and loan growth strategies that increase market share and customer loyalty.

Increase deposits

Actionable marketing data

Tap into the power of ConsumerView℠ for deeper audience insights

Create compelling marketing

Understand customer segments with Mosaic® USA for cross-channel marketing

Marketing analytics

Build, optimize and deploy custom targeting strategies faster than ever before with Ascend Marketing

Find customers

Alternative Credit Data¹

Expand your universe by tapping into robust data sets

Premier Attributes℠

Enhance your decisions with tri-bureau level attributes

Consumer to Business Linkage

Cross-sell to small business owners within your portfolio

1When we refer to “Alternative Credit Data,” this refers to the use of alternative data and its appropriate use in consumer credit lending decisions, as regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Hence, the term “Expanded FCRA Data” may also apply in this instance and both can be used interchangeably.

Increase retention

Risk and Retention Triggers

Receive notification of new trades that customers are pursuing

Credit Education and Identity Management

Enhance your customer retention strategies by offering customizable services

Boost loyalty

Learn more about how the turnkey Experian Core Program boosts customer loyalty

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