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Data and analytics to acquire new customers, deepen relationships

Whether you are looking to increase credit cards, commercial loans or wealth management offerings, Experian has the data, analytics and consulting capabilities to help accelerate your growth objectives. Our tools can be used to develop game-changing strategies that increase market share and customer loyalty.

Acquire Customers

Acquire Customers: Increase deposits, grow loans, and expand customer segments.

Power Insights: Analytical Sandbox is the only hosted online strategic planning tool that provides your bank real-time access to depersonalized consumer data.  Build and test new risk and marketing strategies to win valuable customers. Built on Experian’s Ascend Big Data platform, Analytical Sandbox integrates into Experian’s other leading edge products as well, providing added value across your enterprise.

Acquire Customers: Prospect Navigator is a prospect database tool that allows your bank to transform the way they acquire new customers.  Can be used to refine campaign strategies and assess new markets for growth. 

Grow Cards: Reward your customers by anticipating spending needs and managing credit limits proactively. With CLIP, Credit Line Increase Program, you can increase spend, reduce attrition and generate interchange income.

Deepen Relationships

Deepen Relationships: Drive loan growth, customer retention, and market share.

Capture Off-Book: Portfolio Health Check™ highlights loans that current customers have off-book with other lenders.  Provides views into current risk levels, estimated interest rates and total annual plastic spend.

Increase Cross-Sell: Access 24 months of historical credit data to increase cross-sell, prevent attrition and identify most profitable customers. Trended Data helps predict where a consumer is going based on where they’ve been.

Retain Customers: Risk & Retention Triggers provide daily notification of new trades that customers are pursuing outside of your bank. Monitor your entire portfolio or selected segments.


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Experian’s experienced team serves banks to help them solve their business problems. We help banks leverage their data, as well as our Experian data, to create advanced strategies that drive growth, differentiate the customer experience, and protect against both fraud and regulatory risk.