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Identity Alerts

Winning Customer Engagement through Real-Time Identity Theft Alerts

Identity theft is the top consumer complaint reported to the Federal Trade Commission for 14 consecutive years1. The crime costs victims hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars, and American companies billions of dollars, each year.

How Identity Theft Protection Alerts Benefit Your Customers

With identity theft protection alert services, your customers can receive real-time notifications when their information is used to open a new account or to perform an identity validation. Experian’s vast network includes a diverse set of companies to help ensure your customer’s identity is covered.

If a customer is alerted to suspicious activity after their identity is stolen, they can take action immediately.

Not all identity theft alerts are credit related. Even if a fraudster makes an unsuccessful attempt or abandons the attempt, an identity theft alert will be generated to notify your customer.

When the consumer detects fraud, they are connected to the retailer, bank, or other provider’s fraud department to resolve the fraud. What’s more, 24/7 online access to our identity theft alert center ensures your customers won’t have to delay acting; they can address potential fraud immediately. Customers can choose to receive identity theft alerts via SMS, email or our online portal.

The Value of Partnerships

We’ll provide your customers with end-to-end service, from helping them detect fraud sooner to assisting them with fraud resolution.

When you offer customers identity alerts you provide a valuable tool that can help them defend their personal information and their financial wellbeing. You’ll differentiate your organization, boost customer engagement and enhance your brand’s reputation as a company that cares for their customers and provides maximum value.

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