Digital Financial Management Solutions

Help increase retention with personalized planning and management resources that help consumers improve their financial health.

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Combine robust credit and transaction data to reveal paths to new revenue growth

Add value and drive loyalty with relevant credit and financial management products along the consumer journey to help keep your organization top of mind with consumers.


Earn consumer trust with personalized alerts

Stay top-of-mind with consumers and position your brand as a provider of personalized alerts, recommendations, and insights.

Attract consumers with innovative features

Deliver an engaging experience with artificial intelligence and machine learning features to help consumers take greater control of their credit profile and personal finances.

Drive meaningful engagement

Keep consumers coming back with one-stop access to their accounts across institutions and features to set budgets, track goals, and receive insights to help reach them sooner.

Leverage combined credit and transaction data

Create new engagement opportunities with a comprehensive financial experience to help consumers better plan and manage their goals.

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Digital Financial Management

Financial Calculators

Flexible delivery options

Bring your ideal consumer experience to market.


Harness Experian APIs to deliver our products in your existing UI experience.

White Label

Realize faster time to value with customizable consumer portals.


Utilize a tailored, fully-hosted solution while leveraging Experian's brand equity.

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