Credit Monitoring and Alert Solutions

Help increase retention and keep your consumers engaged with robust credit services.




Drive engagement beyond the platform with continuous monitoring and alerts

Provide value and drive platform engagement with credit monitoring products. Help your consumers detect potential fraud with alerts so they can act faster.


Drive engagement with proven solutions


median email open rates for our credit alerts¹

33 points

average credit score increase post enrollment²

of major bank retailer's consumers whose credit score increased

Add touchpoints to help increase engagement

Integrate credit monitoring and alert features to help increase consumer touchpoints.

Keep consumers connected

Experian Partner Solutions delivers over 62 million consumer credit alerts monthly, helping our partners engage their consumers and encouraging visits to the platform.

Drive platform engagement

Encourage consumers to log into the platform dashboard for more insight after receiving a credit monitoring alert.

Build customer trust

Expand your consumer interactions and build stronger relationships with features that can help detect fraud sooner.

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Available products

Partner with us to build a unique offering to achieve your business goals.

Credit Monitoring (1B & 3B)

Help consumers track their credit and notify them of key changes that could be early fraud indicators.

Authorization Alerts

Help protect against potential fraud with real-time alerts when personal data is used for verification.

Credit Limit, Utilization, & Balance (C.L.U.B.) Alerts

Provide consumers more robust financial and credit awareness while helping protect themselves from fraud.

Dormant Account Alerts

Keep consumers in control of their Experian credit report by notifying when a account becomes active.

Inquiry Alerts

Continuously monitor a Experian credit report for hard inquiries and notify when an event occurs.

Positive Activity Alerts

Notify consumers of changes to their Experian credit report that may positively impact their credit score.

Flexible delivery options

Bring your ideal consumer experience to market.


Harness Experian APIs to deliver our products in your existing UI experience.

White Label

Realize faster time to value with customizable consumer portals.


Utilize a tailored, fully-hosted solution while leveraging Experian's brand equity.

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¹Experian data, October 2023
²Experian data, February 2024