Identity Restoration Services

Retain consumers by providing financial protection and support services if they experience identity theft.




Provide vital restoration services as identity theft increases

Criminals are finding more sophisticated ways to commit identity theft, leaving consumers to manage demanding and expensive recovery efforts. Restoration services help consumers navigate the complex identity recovery process and mitigate future financial harm.


Retain customers by providing valuable services

Identity theft

is the #1 most reported type of complaint to the FTC¹

$10 billion

lost to fraud in the U.S. in 2023¹

an increase of over $1 billion over 2022

Restoration and recovery solutions

Help consumers reclaim their identity if and when identity theft occurs.

Build consumer trust with a rapid response

Reduce the time and effort for a consumer to restore their identity and provide protection.

Increase retention and build brand trust

Lengthen your customer lifecycle by providing support when your consumers need it most.

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Available products

Partner with us to build a unique offering to achieve your business goals.

Identity Theft Insurance²

Help consumers recover financially from identity theft by providing various levels of reimbursement coverage.

Lost Wallet Protection

Assist consumers in the event of a lost or stolen wallet by providing them with a digital wallet so they can easily cancel and replace cards.

Full-service Identity Restoration

Provide assistance throughout the process of identity restoration with the help of certified restoration specialists.

Flexible delivery options

Bring your ideal consumer experience to market.


Harness Experian APIs to deliver our products in your existing UI experience.

White Label

Realize faster time to value with customizable consumer portals.


Utilize a tailored, fully-hosted solution while leveraging Experian's brand equity.

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¹Consumer Sentinel Network Databook 2023, November 2023
²The Identity Theft Insurance is underwritten and administered by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, an Assurant company. Please refer to the actual policies for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions. Review the Summary of Benefits.