2023 digital audience trends & predictions report

There are many changes impacting the advertising ecosystem. Google’s delay of cookie deprecation, the emergence of alternative IDs, and more leads us to question the future of digital activation. Our 2023 digital audience trends & predictions report uses our robust and high-quality data to deliver powerful insights. We’re here to help connect data from across the ecosystem so you and your customers can connect with confidence. As your trusted data and identity partner, we can help propel you forward in 2023. Download our report to access:

  • Experian's perspective on 2019-2022 trends 
  • Our 2023 predictions 
  • Strategies to improve multi-channel marketing effectiveness

Our biggest strength is in our data. We’re always analyzing, testing, and improving to make it as useful as possible. Together we can put people at the center of your marketing. Let’s get started.

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