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New Experian Tool Empowers Financial Inclusion Through Open Banking Insights

Our Commitment to Consumers, Businesses and Society

At Experian, we view ourselves as the "Consumers’ Bureau." It’s an enormous responsibility and one we take very seriously. 

We recognize that consumer credit can be the gatekeeper to good financial health, yet many consumers struggle to build credit profiles. 

It's our mission to drive financial inclusion and facilitate access to fair and affordable credit for consumers. To do this, we've put all consumers at the forefront of our business strategy. We're continually exploring new ways to use our data and resources to help consumers improve their financial well-being.

Discover how Experian is leveraging data as a force for good


Credit Data

Improving financial access through the innovative use of data


Credit Reporting

Providing accurate, up-to-date data through timely and comprehensive processes


Data Accuracy

Applying sophisticated analytics and rigorous vetting to ensure data integrity and accuracy


Data Privacy

Adhering to data protection laws and transparent and responsible data practices


Financial Inclusion

Facilitating access to fair and affordable credit for all consumers

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