Credit Data

Expanding credit access through data


We view ourselves as the "Consumers' Bureau," and we have a responsibility to all consumers seeking credit. That means providing lenders with a holistic view into consumers' financial situations. To that end, we have long supported the use of rental, utilities and telecom payment data to augment credit history, and believe it is crucial for rebuilding and establishing the credit reputations of credit invisible and thin-file consumers. 

We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to use data in the credit scoring process to improve financial access.

Magnitude of Experian's Data


Experian continually explores new ways to use data to help consumers with little-to-no credit history gain access to financial resources

New Data Sources

Adding data helps lenders identify consumers excluded from the credit system, but who can fulfill financial obligations

Expand Credit

89% of lenders agree that new data sources allow them to extend credit to more consumers