Credit Reporting

We believe in an inclusive and comprehensive approach to credit reporting


The current credit ecosystem is often viewed as the gatekeeper to obtaining the financial resources to access many of the things we need in life. And we want to empower consumers to take control of their financial lives and access those resources. 

We're committed to helping consumers understand how to navigate the credit process, build their credit profile and address any challenges they may encounter. This includes maintaining a fair system free of discrimination and prejudice, aiding lenders in their decision making, providing consumers access to lower cost financial services and resources, and using new data sources to open up credit access.

Navigating Consumer Credit

Access to Credit

Every consumer deserves access to fair and affordable credit

Stabilize the Credit System

Experian has a role in stabilizing the financial services and banking systems across the globe

Mitigate Risk

The current credit system helps lenders mitigate portfolio risk and keeps costs for financial services low for consumers