Experian Connect API

Bring convenient and secure credit-sharing to wherever you do business through simple Experian Connect API integration.

Integration that works for your business

Experian Connect API allows you to easily embed our credit-sharing services directly on your own websites and mobile apps –– providing one-click access to our platform right where you do business. With multiple Connect API product options to choose from, you can pick which integrations fit your unique needs.

Our API Library and Features


Identity and fraud

Uses Passive Authentication to verify a user’s identity, leveraging device intelligence to mitigate fraudulent access.


Share and archive

Allows you to pull, share, and find archived credit reports, with various sharing options.

Want to learn about how Experian Connect API can work for your business?

Easily provide extra value for your customers

Making it easy for your business

  • Build simple and intuitive interfaces that enhance your customer experience
  • Mitigate risk through user-permission flow
  • Collect payment on your own check-out page
  • Rely on support from a team of Experian experts

Providing value to your customers

  • Empower customers to share their credit report data with as many landlords as they want within 30 days 
  • Offer customers soft inquiries that don’t impact their credit score
  • Deliver secure credit access for your customers without them having to leave your site
  • Stand apart from the competition and build loyalty with a seamless, intuitive user experience
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