The Experian ConnectSM
Affiliate Program

Enhance your company's service offerings
while earning an additional revenue stream

The Affiliate Program for Experian Connect

By offering personal credit reports and scores to your customers, you can help them better understand their current credit situation. Your customers will also have the ability to securely share their credit report with the people and businesses they know and trust such as a landlord, attorney, financial planner or even a family member.

Setting up an affiliate partnership with Experian Connect is simple with seamless integration into your existing website. We can provide the marketing collateral that best meets your business goals. Remember, you’ll receive a percentage of each and every order that you refer to us.

The advantages of our affiliate program:


Increase Value
Provide an additional offering to your customers that can empower them to make smarter credit decisions
Earn Additional Revenue
Receive a percentage of each purchase you refer to us


Timely Commissions
Easy-to-understand reporting and commission payments
Easy to Get Started
We can create and provide you with marketing collateral

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