Experian Employer Services and Automated Business Designs:

Better Together 

Automated Business Designs (ABD) is a staffing software company with a mission to provide a product and service combination of the highest caliber. Our enterprise-level staffing software staffing software solutions are designed to provide long-term value and help staffing companies capitalize on growth. When we form a partnership, we cultivate a relationship for a lasting business partnership.

Integrates with: WOTC Administration and Employment Verification Administration

Integration Highlights

Embedded in EDGE

Experian’s WOTC Survey is embedded seamlessly in the EDGE hiring workflow, eliminating the need to redirect candidates to a 3rd party website

Streamlined Candidate Experience

Experian reduces abandonment by offering the fastest and most efficient WOTC survey in the industry.

Automated Payroll Feed

Employers do not need to upload payroll files each week. All relevant payroll data is automatically sent to Experian via the integration.

Integration Details:

  • WOTC survey embedded in EDGE
  • Candidates are not redirected to an outside website
  • Candidates are not asked for name, address, SSN, DOB, or any other sensitive PII
  • WOTC survey is 3x – 4x faster than other vendors
  • Automatic payroll feed
abd integration

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Who is Experian Employer Services?

As the world of work is evolving, employers are asking us for alternatives to outdated practices and complacent legacy providers to meet their new challenges. At Experian Employer Services, we’re keeping the focus and flexibility that you value in boutique providers and adding the resources and security of Experian.  With over 75 years of combined industry experience, we are already improving the performance and experience of over 2,000 employers with over 17 million employees. And we are just getting started.