AutoCheck Certified Pre-Owned: The Ripple Effect in the Automotive Industry


Tags: Automotive, Automotive, Customer Acquisition

Looks at behaviors & attitudes of certified shoppers, the impact a certified program has on vehicle sales, & how the automotive value chain can take advantage of the effect certified sales offers.


Anyone who has ever stood in front of a still pond knows what happens when you throw a rock into it. The immediate effect - a big splash - is temporary. But the ripples that come out from that first splash continue on long after the rock has entered the water, affecting everything around them. In recent years, the automotive retail sales industry has created its own ripple effect in the form of certified pre-owned (herein referred to as certified) vehicles. Slotted between new and traditional used vehicles, there were bound to be ripples when they entered the market. The question was what effect those ripples would have. Would there be a difference between used and certified vehicles in terms of days to turn Would the benefits of having a vehicle certified be enough to justify the additional cost in consumers' minds Perhaps most importantly, would advertising certified vehicles help increase leads and ultimately store traffic, or would they slip quietly out of notice?

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