Gain the competitive edge with non-traditional data sources

Alternative sources of data are growing in importance.

Having the right data alongside the right expertise is vital when making informed decisions.

The key to our data platform is constantly investing and sourcing a wider variety of data such as geographic/property hazards, social media, and OSHA data in order to represent a fuller picture of the health of the business. The use of non-traditional data will allow you to bring additional insights and remove the complexity of having to constantly source and evaluate new data resources. 

Develop and improve models through predictive analytics and social media data

Social Media Insight leverages social data to help lenders build a more complete picture of businesses with thin credit files. Boost risk model performance by 12% on an overall basis, and 91% for new and emerging businesses with little credit history.

Utilizing property-level hazard risk assessments

HazardHub gathers data from the most reliable sources available, including FEMA, NOAA, state and local governments, and a number of other data sources. By translating huge amounts of geospatial digital data into easy-to-understand answers, you can make real-world decisions on your risk assessments.

Rich insights beyond demographics by using exceptional credit attributes

Over the past 12-18 months we have seen an increased need from our carriers to better understand the risk at the neighborhood and regional level to more effectively underwrite various lines of business.

Utilize business activity and social engagement data to help understand the status of business operations

The pandemic has taken a toll on thousands of businesses. By utilizing business activity and social engagement data to help understand the status of business operations, you can innovate and streamline your underwriting or portfolio renewal process and gain more visibility on the operating status of businesses.

Explore how business activity & social engagement can better your underwriting

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