How to accurately underwrite cyber risk

Breakthrough insights improve the underwriting process for cyber insurance

Download the white paper

Learn how the next ransomware attack can be launched using an employee’s credentials

Traditional cyber underwriting tools evaluate the risk of a company being attacked today. When considering the ever-evolving cyber landscape, this assessment quickly becomes outdated and irrelevant. This document shares insight on the alarming rate of cyberattacks and the predictiveness of Experian’s cyber model to accurately predict future risk.

Read the paper and discover how Experian’s cyber model can help:

  • Identify businesses with the highest probability of a loss occurring
  • Capture the risk created by the employees of a business
  • Reduce claims frequency and improve profitability

Take the first step to identify a company’s cyber exposure by assessing the risk posed by employees.

Download the Experian whitepaper to gain insight on how to improve your underwriting process for cyber risk.

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