The face of small business

An Experian data study

The Face of Small Business


Owning your own business has always been part of the American Dream. For those consumers who break out on their own, there is no greater reward than a successful small business enterprise. So, how do these pioneering small business owners compare to the general consumer population? To answer that question, Experian recently completed a data study that looked at the differences between the average consumer and the average business owner.

Studying a sample of 2.5 million small businesses and 1 million consumers, Experian sought to identify the best tool for determining small business credit risk. In particular, we wanted to see:

  • If the data we have available revealed any useful relationships between personal and commercial credit scores;
  • If the financial behavior of small business owners was significantly different from that of the public at large;
  • If those differences, if any, could be used by lenders to better manage small business credit risk.

We will dig deeper into the research in our upcoming webinar where we will explore the full findings, as well as discuss the differences and similarities in greater detail.

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face of small business
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Hear Peter Bolin go in-depth on the research from our Face of Small Business data study.