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As the flow of commerce around the globe increases, many U.S. enterprises are increasing their interest in global markets as well. While it can be lucrative, there are many potential pitfalls that must be addressed to mitigate risk and improve profitability.

Take the stress out of assessing international business risk from thousands of miles away with Experian’s international commercial capabilities:

Unparalleled data freshness

Real-time or same day reports available to help you make confident decisions with the freshest data in the market.

Incredible country coverage

Covering over 225 countries, dependencies, and territories, you can be sure that you’ll get the insights you need to effectively assess risk on businesses overseas.

Unmatched international intelligence

Superior data quality from top tier international credit bureaus and Experian partners for comprehensive intelligence you can count on.

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Global intelligence at your fingertips

Experian is creating a seamless global commercial data resource, The Global Data Network (GDN), to ensure the data you receive is the freshest available. With a comprehensive repository of business data constantly updated by Experian commercial bureaus and partners across the globe, you get the global intelligence you need, whenever you need it.

Real-time reports

Cover countries that represent 37% of US imports and exports.

Same day reports

Cover countries that represent 64% of US imports and exports.

Freshly developed profiles

Are available for the rest of the world in as little as 24 hours.

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Take your first-class flight to global expansion with Experian.

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