Breakthrough insights improve underwriting processes for cybersecurity policies.

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Evaluate Cyber Risk more effectively to mitigate risk and make better decisions.

Our new cybersecurity risk model can improve your underwriting process for cybersecurity policies and identify areas where businesses may be vulnerable. The data and insights from our cybersecurity risk model will allow your underwriters to have a more holistic picture of a businesses’ cyber risk so they can write more accurate policies that ultimately mitigate risk.


Cyber-attacks are costly to businesses and consumers alike, with damages expected to cost in excess of $6 trillion annually. 

Inadvertent employee mistakes, malicious behavior, or victimization can lead to cyber exposure.

People are error-prone and unpredictable. Inadvertent employee mistakes, malicious behavior, or victimization can lead to cyber exposure. More than 70% of employees have access to data they should not.

Critical but missing elements in cyber risk solutions.

Today’s cyber risk solutions for the insurance industry focus on measuring computer networks, infrastructure security, application patching, data governance, and employee technology policies. Cyber underwriters have shared with us that all these solutions fall short as they ignore the most critical element – the human element.

Predicting the risk of a business incurring a cyber-related event.

We are identifying the connections between companies, employees, dark web behaviors, and data breaches. Our solution scores the likelihood that a specific business is at elevated risk of a cyber event.

Establish metrics for underwriting cyber risk.

When it comes to cyber risk, we continued where others have left off and created a new paradigm for the industry. We are capturing employee cyber exposure, aggregating to the business, and modeling this relationship with respect to cyber risk.

An accurate modern approach to cyber risk underwriting.

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