Dealer Positioning System

A revolutionary approach to dealer marketing intelligence

Our Dealer Positioning System® (DPS) helps you to increase advertising efficiency and successfully conquest in your marketplace. By tying your dealership advertising, website analytics and inventory together with our automotive market and consumer data, the DPS creates clear, local-market action plans that generate actual sales.

The DPS answers your marketing questions and uses predictive analytics to make data-based recommendations to maximize your effectiveness, empowering you to make proactive decisions that increase profitability across your dealership.

Make every ad dollar count

DPS marketing intelligence platform offers revolutionary data analytics software for auto dealerships for you to achieve:

  • Automated, data-driven media strategies with our vehicleconsumer, online and credit data
  • Smarter marketing attribution by knowing your marketing conversion to sales
  • Strategic targeting and conquesting with household-level insights and predictive intelligence
  • Precise audience profiling to tailor campaigns with the right message, media and timing

Hear what customers are saying ...

“It (DPS) saves me a lot of time and helps me to make better decisions.”

Ed Estey, President, First Auto Group

Google analytics for car dealers

Auto Dealer Conquesting White Paper

Get insights into how new data and analytic tools and strategies can provide deeper insights to help sell more cars.

Dealer Positioning System (DPS) Case Study

See how advanced marketing analytics, delivered through our easy-to-use marketing intelligence platform can improve your results.

The power of Experian data

Get a new sphere of insights with Experian’s vehicle, consumer, online and credit data to ignite a more unified approach to data-driven intelligence. Using our vast in-house data resources, we can link our data to yours so you can transform unprecedented insights into more powerful actions.


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