We have more than 900 million vehicles in our North American Automotive Database to help you know where the market is going.

Automotive data and history to drive your decisions

Experian Automotive is a recognized leader in automotive data and insights. We have over 900 million vehicles in our North American Vehicle Database℠, including automotive industry statistics such as title, registration, mileage readings and key events, plus more than 11 billion vehicle history records, including title brand and accident-related events.

Latest Information Available in the Market

Whatever your business challenges, you need reilaible information quickly to make the best decisions possible.  Our core automotive database contains vehicle data registration products that deliver the latest information available in the market, weeks before the competition.

We can help you:

  • Minimize risk for vehicle recalls
  • Manage your inventory supplies for production
  • Identify and decode Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)
  • Guard against branded titles for warranty programs
  • Certify vehicles for pre-owned programs

Auto AccuSelect™

Work smarter with our new Application Program Interface (API) delivery of the real-time, custom vehicle history data you need.  

Auto AccuSelect now enables easy API integration of different option packs of vehicle history data attributes to your various platforms, portals, operating systems, applications, CRMs and other control programs.

vehicle market data

Velocity Automotive Statistics

Driving profit, volume and share in today’s automotive climate requires large enterprises to look at current challenges in new ways. We created Velocity℠ to help you transform complex market data into actionable insights.