Velocity Market & Velocity Risk

Powerful reporting tools to help auto lenders drive sales, manage risk and gain a competitive edge

Turn complex data into actionable insights to grow your auto lending portfolio

Market and risk reporting delivered through Velocity, our revolutionary business intelligence platform

Velocity Marketsm and Velocity Risksm provide lenders with timely and comprehensive automotive market, loan, lease and loan-to-value (LTV) analyses. Dashboards, reports and analytics provide insights to help you understand new and used auto sales and finance trends, adapt to change and deploy effective strategies.  From sales and dealer relationship management to pricing, Velocity Market and Velocity Risk deliver clear, data-driven solutions to your challenges.

Velocity Market

Velocity Market

Visualize new and used auto sales data to enable powerful strategies to grow and defend your revenue.

  • Understand dealer clients’ loan and lease activity among other lenders by territory 
  • Rank dealers by loan volumes within custom-defined geographies, vehicle segments, and more 
  • Add value for key dealer clients by presenting market knowledge and dealer strategies with visualizations you can share
  • Distinguish financing opportunities by vehicle models and years 

Plus Velocity Market Report Builder provides full interaction and customization of the data. 


Velocity Risk

Discover clear finance trends, market share and opportunities to drive growth and manage risk.
  • Evaluate market activity and benchmark against peer groups
  • Analyze competitive loan and lease pricing across markets and vehicles
  • Track and manage finance penetration by credit quality to understand sales performance
  • Assess loan-to-value by lender, market, and score bands which you define 

Leverage comprehensive data to boost your performance

Velocity Market and Velocity Risk provide multi-dimensional intelligence by connecting three distinct data sets.

Market Share Data

Comprehensive monthly registrations, enhanced with additional data sources, show new and used auto sales configurable by dealer, lender, and more.

Credit Data Elements

Risk attributes appended to market data offer deeper analysis into loan and lease activity by dealer, peers, and more. Credit tiers, amount financed, monthly payment and rate averages are appended.

Valuation Data

J.D. Power new and used vehicle valuation data are integrated to deliver LTV and average value filtered by peer groups, geography and more.

Velocity Market and Velocity Risk

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