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Experian Affinity Overview: Industry-Leading Expertise in Your Corner

Experian® Affinity understands the business challenges our clients face every day. We know that engaging consumers, creating value and building loyalty are key to your organization’s success. Partnering with Experian® Affinity can help you gain an edge on the competition, create value for new and existing customers and build the loyalty that ensures they’ll stay with you for the long-term.

Lost Wallet

Lost Wallet Protection: Build Brand Equity by Protecting Customer Information

Your customers entrust you with far more than their business. They also invest their trust in your organization as a partner who helps simplify their lives. When a wallet is lost or stolen, consumers want quick reliable help in navigating the recovery process. Experian® Affinity will be there for you and your customers when they need you the most.

Identity Solutions

Identity Solutions: Make Experian’s Identity Solutions Your Solutions

No one understands identity protection like Experian®. As a global information services company, we’ve helped 5 of the Top 10 financial institutions and leaders in many other industries create brand-building value by offering their customers identity protection products. When you team with Experian, you put the industry’s most powerful, versatile protection products to work for you and your customers.

 Identity Alert

Identity Alerts: Winning Customer Engagement through Real-Time Identity Alerts

Identity theft is the top consumer complaint reported to the Federal Trade Commission for 14 consecutive years1. The crime costs victims hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars, and American companies billions of dollars, each year.

Fraud Resolution Services

Fraud Resolution Services: Delivering Award-Winning Value to Your Customers

On their own, consumers spend more than 30 hours resolving an incident of fraud1; Experian® resolves most cases in less than one hour.2 One American falls victim to identity theft every three seconds in the U.S.3 Coping with the aftermath of identity theft costs time and money – an average of $2,294 per victim3. Identity theft and fraud victims may experience credit problems, banking account issues, discontinuation of vital services such as utilities or healthcare, and legal problems.

Educate Consumers with Score Planner™

Educate Consumers with Score Planner™:

Your customers know they can turn to you to reliably provide the products and services they need. But they may be less confident about other aspects of their financial lives, including how certain behaviors may impact their credit scores.

Credit-Focused Solutions Lift Engagement and Loyalty

Credit-Focused Solutions Lift Engagement and Loyalty:

With over 10 million members, Experian’s credit-focused products are recognized among customers for increasing credit literacy and aiding in financial planning. Aligning your brand with ours ensures your customers will see you as credit-education partners who care about their financial wellbeing.

The Brand-building Advantage of Experian Affinity Credit Reporting and Scoring

The Brand-building Advantage of Experian Affinity Credit Reporting and Scoring:

More than 60% of adults have not reviewed their credit score or their credit report within the past 12 months.1 Consumers crave credit knowledge and recognize the financial empowerment good credit can impart. Yet a need for credit understanding persists in America.

Score Trending and Alerts

Score Trending and Alerts: Increase Consumer Credit Knowledge and Build Brand Loyalty

Providing customers with a credit report and score is the first step toward building engagement and brand loyalty. To maximize the value of that information – for both your customers and your brand – it’s vital to engage people with tools that will help them better understand how and why their scores change over time.

Credit Monitoring and Alerts

Credit Monitoring and Alerts: Capture Customer Loyalty when You Offer Experian Affinity Services

Only 37% of survey respondents are knowledgeable about credit monitoring services.1 Are your customers among them? When you offer your customers our credit monitoring products, you not only help them monitor their credit and identities, but you also deepen the value your organization contributes to their financial wellbeing.

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